Embrace Your Difference And Expand Your Confidence

Going into your element is something not everyone will get the chance to experience in this lifetime. Finding something personal that is a reflection of you and everything that you have become is rare. Finding what ignites your soul and unlocks your unlimited potential is the beginning of what I would call happiness!

There were times where you felt lost. Not long ago you found yourself going in circles. You wandered aimlessly into a part of your life that seemed like it was never going to end. You kept walking but you didn’t realize how far you had actually come.

Limiting ourselves out of fear or circumstance is the worst thing that we can do. It stunts our growth and creates a dependency upon the concept of a “safe” life. What people fail to remember is that not too long ago we were a different kind of human. We were a human capable of facing tremendous adversity. We fought mother nature in the form of severe climate change, and numerous adversaries who’s environment and home was the very earth we set out to discover.

We survived without modern medicine. We made it without a large house, and a fancy car! We survived and ate without a 9-5. We were productive and didn’t have to waste time being stuck in rush hour traffic. We survived in “unsafe” environments. So why is today so scary? Why is today so challenging? When you really think about it the challenges we face today our ancestors would laugh at!

I’m not saying that today isn’t challenging. What I am saying is remember who you are and remember where you come from. Remember your “instincts”. Remember your generations of evolutionary perfection that made you able to survive and thrive in any new environment. Remember your spirit, and your strength. Remember that you are here for greatness, not complacency.

Within everyone lays something special. Within everyone lays a talent that is yearning to be fed for the greater good. If we do not grow and build up our gifts then we will never be able to live the lives that we were meant for. We will never be able to serve others in a way that we need to. This life although very “safe” at times, is still trying to test you and mold you into something more! Don’t hesitate to embrace positive change and become something better and greater for the future generations to come! Don’t hesitate to adapt, evolve, survive, and most importantly, to thrive!

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