Allowing Yourself Permission To Fail

This life has many directions in which we can go!  There are paths to follow and examples already laid out.  There are family influences and culture that we are raised with including things that just so happened to be involved in our lives.  When we are brought into to this world there is so much that we do not understand yet.  There is so much to discover and to filter out.

This life brings to us everyday something new.  It may be challenging, but if we look hard enough we can find something different.  A lot of us are desperate for growth and change but we feel so immersed in our current circumstances.  We drown in our own frustration and sometimes pity because we don’t know any better.

If we were to focus more of our time and energy writing down the things that ignite our souls and giving them more life then I believe we would be less focused on what to do.  With a list of all of your deepest desires you have way more to work on than you probably have time for in a day!  This is wonderful because you now have a new purpose, and that purpose is to discover yourself!

If we take that list of things and we pick one thing, just one idea and ran with it we probably would have changed a lot around us in even one day.  We would inspire not only ourselves but the people around us simply with our new found positive energy!  Our new excitement and curiosity is enough to infect those around us with a new mindset and a brand new direction.

Our life is in our hands.  We are all dealt different cards but we all have a chance to play.  You have to ask yourself;  if you have one shot, one opportunity to even play the game at all, would you play your hand no matter how poor it is?  Or, would you fold?  Would you give up before the game is even over?  I know I wouldn’t!

Keep playing.

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