Relax This Sunday. Things Are Beginning To Change

snow covered mountain under cloudy skyThis week has been very busy for the most part.  The holidays come quickly and once they do the season seems to never end for about three to four months straight.  Shopping never ends, if it isn’t gifts of some sort, its food!  Yes, lots of food (now I’m hungry) and everything just goes way too fast.

red and green mistletoe decoration

This year for our family things have gotten a lot better because we actually got a jump on decorating and planning for Thanksgiving.  Everything went really well and we all had a great time visiting together.  I also personally got to have a lot of fun going out and “shopping” with my brother (mostly shopping for drinks at the bar), our Black Friday tradition, and laughing and telling stories with each other as well as with one of his best friends.  My best friend came to help with the tree this year and that just made everything fun and rather quick.

art artistic black and white blankLately I am getting really excited!  I feel like I’m finally going to have a major breakthrough and to have a chance to push forward with my life.  I’m finally taking more action and it’s refreshing!  It has always been hard to force myself to change and grow even with help and support.  Our minds work against us so much and despite every book I’ve read, blog, or motivation video or audio clip, it still is a challenge! I have learned that keeping the dream alive in your mind long enough is the key.  Eventually it will drive you crazy to the point that you have no choice but to act!

adult beverage breakfast celebrationToday I am going to relax and enjoy some time with my parents and get ready for the week ahead.  I have a good feeling that things will start rolling and once that happens I will be busier than ever but loving every bit of it!  I know what it is like to be busy at a job that isn’t a passion.  I can only imagine what it is like to work hard at something that potentially “is”, a passion.  One day at a time will tell.

Happy Sunday Everyone!

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