Blackout Wednesday Is Here!

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So once again the day before Thanksgiving is here.  Now that you have spent hours grocery shopping, cooking, and probably even decorating for Christmas, its time to “mix” things up a bit.  You know you are going to stuff your face tomorrow and probably drink during the day, just to stumble into the mall for Black Friday shopping at midnight.  You might be stressed and already planning for New Year’s at this point and looking forward to all of the family you will be forced to see, including the ones you hate!  Do not worry though because tonight is about you!  Tonight is about fun!

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Tonight is was of the biggest and potentially one of the most interesting nights of the year! It is “Blackout Wednesday” or also known to be called by a few other names, and the night where everyone, and I mean “everyone”, goes out to party!  When I say party, I don’t mean the couple of drinks because I plan on driving “responsibly”; no I’m talking about people getting flat out drunk or the for the lack of a better term, “sh*tfaced!  People get lit!

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Tonight is going to be a lot of fun, but it also might be a little bit dangerous.  Try and be responsible and be careful.  Its all fun and games until a bar reaches its maximum occupancy and the twenty something next to you can’t feel her face and manages to mumble the phrase, “mmm….I don’t feel so goourrrrrr…..”  Yeah, at that point, she’s probably going to take you down with her, so I’d keep the distance!  If that does’t knock you out I’m sure the 6’4″ mid twenties male with maybe an Irish background filled with eighteen shots of Jameson will! Nonetheless, again, try and have some fun and remember, it’s the holidays (insert corny smile).


Hope you all got a kick out of this one, have fun and be safe tonight, and tip one back for me.  Cheers!


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