Giving Your Best To Yourself And Others Is What Will Matter At The End Of The Day

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Giving your best is something to think about.  Giving your best, whether it be to other people, your work or passion, your health, whatever it may be is important.  I don’t think many people understand what giving your best means regarding one another.  I feel that many friendships and relationships fail or fail to form because of people not always giving their best.  Sometimes I feel people give more to those who give less, and give less to those who give more.

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The world is an irrational place, that is what makes it beautiful!  The world isn’t perfect, and neither are we.  The bright side of it all is that the world and the people within it never have to stay the same.  Both are capable of change when they truly want to or need to.  Changing for the better can open doors and lead to wonderful things beyond what we can always envision or imagine!

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Being patient with people that we care about and love is hard.  We try and see the best in them but it doesn’t always feel as good as we would like.  Finding a balance with relationships and friendships is challenging for many.  We all come from different families, influences, and backgrounds, so things don’t always line up with what we believe in.

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Choices are everywhere to be made whether they are difficult or easy.  Nonetheless, we can still make a choice.  We don’t have to just sit and wait, we can act when we feel like it.  At any moment we can create change in any circumstance by how we choose to deal with it.  Sometimes the solution is easier than we think.

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