Why You Need To Be Patient On Love

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Love is something that many dream of.  It is something that a lot yearn for.  Being patient with love and waiting for love is one of the hardest things to do.  Today we are very busy with the way we build our lives.  We work hard day in and day out and we fill up every second of the day with “something”.  It is very hard for us to slow down and stop.  We like movement because with the race to success and happiness slowing down feels like laziness.

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Another hard pill to swallow is the fact that most of us are lonely.  We feel our friends are finding their paths, or falling in love.  We see ourselves and those around us growing and getting older.  We become afraid that we will fall behind of our culture and of the norms regarding fulfillment and joy.  We try and be patient but the road grows colder and more desolate the more we try and fight it.

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Most of us have jobs, or at least can get one, but do we have work that is ours?  Are we working on ourselves?  Are we growing and creating our interpretation of the soul?  The more different we are or feel from our culture or our loved ones, the harder it is.  Sometimes we get afraid that we are on the wrong path because our own feels like it is taking longer than expected.  We took a few different turns and are afraid we made the wrong choices.

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We have to be patient on love.  The reason being is because we have to be patient with ourselves and are own life.  Some of you have your dream job or have found your passion, maybe you are more ready for love or at least feel like it.  Maybe some of you are like me, you feel lonely because you are trying to find your way, and at the same time you want love just for the sake of having a best friend.  You feel you know how to love and deeply. You want someone like no one else.  Once you get a taste of that you will always want it back.  The hardest part is figuring out how to either wait pateintly, or to take action.

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