Why Do Some Of Us Go Off The Beaten Path?

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Years ago I was much like many of my peers.  I had graduated high school at eighteen years old, and had got accepted into a state university.  I was excited at the time because going to college meant something new.  It meant that there was going to be change.  High school went by fast and formal education up until that point was very stale.

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I have mentioned this before but for those of you just reading in I will say it again.  When you grow up in school as a little kid they tell you that you can do anything and be anything.  When you get into middle school and high school many will tell you to be more realistic.  When you stop passing every course or performing as well as everyone else they make it seem like thats it.  When you are in school, especially because by law you are required to from say kindergarten up until you are eighteen, there is so much focus on “school” alone.  It is made out to be almost life and death and there is so much pressure.

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Education is important yes, but education much like church, doesn’t have to take place in a formal setting.  Aside from technology, books alone, many have used as great tools for success.  I never understood that until now.  In school you read because you were forced to when in reality all you wanted to do was just play.  You had energy to burn and doing the things that you loved to do with your time seemed like it made the most sense.  It still makes sense.

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I don’t know if I’m going back to college to finish.  I’m tired of it.  It is so expensive and I hate being forced to learn things that I don’t want to and to pay a lot in order to do so.  I’m not getting paid for it, and if you aren’t getting paid for something, and you don’t love it, it sounds like a lose lose.  I’m not saying for those of you in college to drop out, all I’m saying is do what makes you happy in life and invest time and effort into the things that you are passionate about. You can build success around that over time.

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I’m choosing to go off of the beaten path because I’m tired of feeling stuck in the mud.  Sure, do I know if the step in front of me is going to have a trip hazard?  No, I don’t!  But I don’t care.  It’s peaceful over here.  You can see the bigger picture from this angle and see if there is a better way “up the mountain”.

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You are only going to fail if you are not going to work hard at whatever you are doing and be able to learn along the way.  You have to make money so eventually find a way to make money doing what you love, or have another job strictly for income.  Maybe you will find something in the middle.  That part you will have to figure out no matter what but it can be done.  You can do what you love and you can find what makes you happy.  I always tell people yes I do have help from my parents, but I’m also making hard choices.

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I’m choosing to take risks.  I’m choosing to test myself and to become more disciplined.  I’m choosing to self educate, to read on my own.  I read what I believe will guide me to where I want to go in my life.  I fill my mind with the things that I want for my future.  I influence myself with mentors both in reality and digitally.  I don’t know what the future holds I just know that if I work long and hard enough at what I believe in, that my dreams will become my future.  So I guess I lied.  I do know what the future holds, and I can honestly say that it’s beautiful!

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