Follow The Dreams That Never Leave Your Mind

aerial photography of white cloudsThere are going to be things in life that will come across your path.  They will pop up and eventually find a residency within your mind.  They won’t go away.  They will flash, shine, and pop up here and there and remind you that they came into your life for a reason.  These are your dreams.  These are your fantasies and your greatest wishes that want you to know that they matter.  They are important and you need to listen to them, but more importantly, you need to act on them!

silhouette of gravesThe grave is a place for the flesh, not the soul.  So why would you take your dreams with you to a place of dust?  You wouldn’t, because you shouldn’t!  Your dreams are meant to be fulfilled while you still have time.  The energy within you is trying to guide you to something greater than your present moment in reality.  It wants you to harness the power of your mind and your energy in order to create.

sky space dark galaxyOur brains and our minds are incredible tools.  They need to be fed with new information and positive stimulation.  They are forever changing and adapting.  They are capable of great things but it is up to you to do what is necessary for positive influence and growth! You feed your mind, you feed your brain.  Your brain controls your body and its functions and movements.  It also can project energy outward into the world.

people festival sitting freedomI think that is the reason why prayer works so well at times.  You are focusing your energy to the point that it is literally transferring from your mind and your brain, into someone else.  I believe that is a part of how miracles happen.  A person who is ill might have negative energy within them because of doubt or physical pain.  But someone else next to them, or even away from them, could either be thinking or praying constantly for them.  They could be sending positive energy into them and in turn creating miracles.

low angle view of woman relaxing on beach against blue skyWe owe it to ourselves to use our thoughts for the better.  The more consistent our thoughts, the more powerful they become.  You can predict the future by envisioning what you want out of that future.  You can then align your actions to that very vision and plan.  Little by little over time you can reach the point of your first vision in reality as if it was predetermined by fate.

You hold the power, you create your fate.  You can choose to believe, you can choose to fight while you still can for what matters most to you.  Never stop daydreaming, never stop fighting, and never ever, stop believing!

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