October Babies Are The Best!

photo of children in halloween costumes smiling

Do you know why October babies are the best?  Well, because I am one; spoiler alert!  Although Halloween and October might not be my two favorite things, I am definitely beginning to grow into them.  This Scorpio is hoping to harness a little bit of energy towards the end of the month to see if I can’t draw up some good luck!

autumn decoration fall field

October is a beautiful month especially in Ohio!  The weather is cool but not too cold.  The sun still manages to creep out and make for really nice days.  You can be outside and just enjoy the crisp fresh air and feel like you can breathe again.  The holidays are fun for kids and family and it is just overall a sort of cozy time of year.

children holding firecrackers outdoors

Although I was never a huge fan of Halloween, mainly because I was always afraid of everything, once in a while I would enjoy it.  Again, although not really my favorite holiday, the older I get the more I enjoy seeing our neighbors outside and everyone including the kids coming out into the neighborhood.  You would think you lived alone when you see everyone come out at once.  You don’t realize how many people actually live in your neighborhood until everyone and their kids are all out on the street trick or treating!

girl smiling while jack o lantern on her head

This month is a month for fun and family.  Get cozy with the loved ones and try and enjoy some changes.  Although I am about to be 27, yes even I worry about age once in a while, I am excited for this year!  With me still living at home I like helping my parents out around the holidays.  I like helping my mom with the candy for the kids even though I say I hate it every time.  Yes, I’m stubborn!  I guess that is what makes it all special though.

Have fun, be safe, and Happy October.  Better yet, happy Halloween!

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