Sometimes You Will Fall But You Have To Find A Way To Get Back Up

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Life is a journey, that’s for damn sure.  I mean we all like to think that it is going to play out a certain way, but for the most part it never does.  In the end everything can still be great but it is going to be up to us to keep going.  Our will is going to determine whether or not we make it.

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More often than not if you are like myself and are trying new things you are probably headed in the right direction.  As long as you are even taking some action at the very least, it is better than nothing.  We have a lot to look forward to and a lot to discover if we work harder each and every day, and utilize our very own discoveries along the way.

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There will be many times where you will have to pursue your dreams alone.  Many of even the closest people in your life might not be down for the ride and that is okay.  As we get older our relationships are going to need a lot more give and take, mainly give!  We have to remember that a part of growing up and a major part of life in general is change!

autumn autumn colours autumn leaves blurEverything changes even freaships or relationships.  It is our job however, to dictate how those changes affect our lives.  We can choose to give up on everything all together, or we can choose to adapt and fight for everything, and everyone that we believe in.  As long as you are breathing you are capable of changing the script and writing a new story within the next moment!

man wearing pink dress shirt walking through stairsIt is okay to want to give up sometimes.  Life is challenging and our challenges are very personal.  We struggle in “our” own way that no one else can.  That is okay though, it is what makes you “you”!  Just remember that you are more capable than you realize, and more deserving than you might think.  If you are working towards your goals at any moment something can change for the better when you least expect it.  Keep working hard, and even better, work harder!  You will probably thank yourself in the end.


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