Catching Yourself When You Start Overthinking

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Over-thinkers are very special people.  We like to overanalyze and break down sometimes the simplest of task, just to make our lives that much more challenging.  Being organized, getting things done, making progress can all be things that an over-thinker can usually struggle with.

blue and silver stetoscopeNow before you try and jump to labeling the over-thinking with maybe ADD, anxiety, or anything else you might want to just take a step back.  A professor of mine in the past believed that we all have a little bit of everything when it comes to our personalities and with even our lesser qualities.  It only becomes a problem when it is to the extreme of not being able to function at all that I think creates concerns for some people.

Most people overthink when it comes to something.  We all have our strengths and talents but there is always something that we struggle with.  If you are like myself, you might struggle with overthinking when it comes to particularly tasks or just life in general.

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Life has a lot of great opportunity to offer us especially when we don’t get in our own way.  I can’t tell you how many times I was afraid to try something new, or even now struggle just to do what I already know how to do, but become afraid of.  Learning new skills, hobbies or interests, can be hard when we put too much pressure on ourselves.  We have to step back and just take a deep breath.  We have to remember to just enjoy everything and have fun with it.

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When you have particular goals or dreams you just have to run with what comes along.  You have to just work on it and do the best that you can and try to progress naturally.  You might be learning more than you realize even if you feel like you are stuck.  Feeling stuck is a mindset that can be broken by taking even the smallest of actions.  Sometimes you have to reach out to people who you know that can give you a hand with learning something new, and just speak up.

Life is at our fingertips and we have to embrace it and make it easier by just doing what comes natural.  Sometimes we just have to step back and just do “our thing” the only way “we” know how.

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