Working On Yourself Happens In Moments

Working on things that you want out of life happens in the everyday moments.  Within the seconds and minutes that fill up your day you can make the difference by choosing what you work on.  What you work on and focus on will eventually become something you will become better at in time.  It will eventually become apart of who you are.

Many times I start things but struggle to finish them.  I walk away and days, sometimes weeks go by and I ask myself what happened.  So many times we get that small idea or spark and then don’t feed it until eventually it fades.  For the things that you want out of life you have to keep them alive at the very least within your mind.

Whether it is with music and wanting to DJ, trading stocks, this blog, or any other of my pursuits I find that everything gets better the more I keep moving.  Just because you walk away from something doesn’t mean that in the end you can’t find your way back to it.  As long as you are breathing there is still time.  So many times I have wanted to give up on my dreams, and even recently I still struggle to take action with certain opportunities.

The truth is you, just like myself, cannot be scared.  You have to try.  You can get excited but you cannot let that excitement stop you from taking action and living the life that you want.  You will notice that the feature photo is not a stock photo, but one of me.  It is natural, it isn’t perfect.  I wanted to write about myself and to make this post a little more personal.  I want people including myself to know that everyday people can work to make their lives a success.

If you are someone reading this than maybe it was meant to be.  Maybe you are pursuing your dreams and are hitting some road blocks.  It’s okay, it is going to be okay!  Just keep moving and don’t give up.  You like myself, are probably a lot closer to everything that you ever wanted than you could possibly imagine.  At the end of the day, it does’t matter “when” you “make it”.  All that matters is that you “did” make it.


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