If Music Is Something That Moves You Then You Need To Start Listening To It

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Whether you are the listener or the creator music is something that probably speaks to you in a very personal way.  Music is something that many people listen to, but only certain types of people are the one’s who end up falling in love with it.  Some people listen to music and like it a lot while others tend to take it a step further.

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When taking it a step further you might decide that you want to DJ.  You want to not only connect with the music itself but also discovered that you want to connect with other people, through music.  You want to be someone who tells their story through the kind of music they play.  Even if you are playing to the crowd and what they want to hear, chances are you probably will have your own style that will make you different form someone else.

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If you have already connected people to music while DJ’ing maybe you will go a step further.  Maybe you become a producer.  You decide that you want to build music from scratch and learn how to make songs sound as perfect as possible.  You decide that you want to create your own masterpiece and then share it with the world.  The possibilities are endless!  If you can find a way to translate who you are into music that people can move to, you might just have something special.

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If you are already invested more into your music or you are beginning to think that you should be, there is no better time to start that right now!  There are a lot of options today with technology to grow and learn your hobbies or passions.  The only thing stopping you from learning something new is you.  Go out and explore and see where the music takes you. If you are anything like myself, music has probably been trying to get you to listen to where you are supposed to go for a very long time now.  So go discover your future!

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