What If You Could Become Anyone That You Wanted To Be?

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There is a lot of noise in life that we are going to have to learn to block out.  There is going to be a lot of fear that will manifest itself in your brain before you even do anything.  You have to break through that but the good news is that you can learn how to.  You can get used to fear and realize that it is a lot bigger in your mind than in your current situation.

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We hold ourselves back because we are afraid of what we might be capable of.  We are afraid of what we are capable of because we are afraid to fail.  We think that trying is going to be challenging because we know challenges make us grow.  It isn’t supposed to be easy, and we are not supposed to know the ending of our own story before we even open the book!

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The fact of life is that things take trial and error.  Growing your dreams start by first discovering what they even are!  Things that are authentic don’t come from forced creation.  They come from natural curiosity and discovery!  You have to follow your heart and try things that you are interested in and let that make you happy.  You have to try new things that you think will help you to achieve the happiness that you want, even if its just for the moment!

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As we grow older we get good at overthinking everything.  Kids, they just do what makes sense to them!  They do what they want and what makes them happy.  As adults we fill up the space in our lives where the things that we want should be, with all of the excuses and reasons we shouldn’t even try!  We get scared because for some stupid reason we are supposed to work forever and that is what is considered a “life”.  That really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense does it?

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You have to figure out what and who you want to be.  You have to grow and discover the things that you love, as well as the things that you hate!  You have to get to know “you” better and live your life while you still can.  You have to learn that you can incorporate things that matter into your life, while still taking care of your responsibilities.  The longer you wait the faster your dreams will fade.  A life is finite, but a legacy is infinite!

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