Creating An Adventure Out Of Everyday Life

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What if every single day of your life was a new adventure?  What if every day you could start fresh with a completely different story, filled with new challenges and new excitement?  What if I told you that it is in fact possible?  What if I told you that if you believe that it is possible that you are actually closer to the life that you want!

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If you are looking for excitement in life first start with the mirror.  Yes, take a long hard look at yourself and ask if you are excited about the day.  If the answer is no, ask yourself why, and ask yourself what are you going to do about it.  Living an exciting life doesn’t begin and end with some prewritten script, it starts with you!  It begins with the present moment that you are in and the ability to be conscious enough to know that you can change it immediately!

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Do you want to change your life starting today?  Guess what, you can!  Do you want to change your life for the better and be happier right now?  Guess what, you can!  You can do anything!  We think that our joy comes from these tremendous narratives of “big things” and “huge circumstances”, but in reality it comes down to one moment.  One moment at a time is the difference between the life you are living right now and the life you want to start living in the following second.

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First you start out small with your mindset.  By small I mean simple, although mindset is huge!  You begin by getting your thoughts in line with what you want.  For many of us the thought often times is, “I don’t want to go to work!”  The next thought that should follow is, well how can I change that?

How you can change your situation might be a long term goal.  For the time being however, the short term goals that will fill up your day can still be the difference in your happiness.  You can start by being happy about going to work because in the following days, you are going to start looking for a new job that you enjoy.  You begin to have hope because you now have a solution to your problem.

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Your life can become an adventure right now by taking action.  You can start a project that you have been wanting to try.  You can take your family to somewhere new in order to break up the monotony.  You can look for new jobs, or look for a different department that better suits your strengths and needs.  You are more in control of your life than you realize!  You hold the keys to success, happiness, and creativity!

It is all up to you.  Get out of your own way by taking action with little steps that will make a great difference in how you live your life.  In the end you will be happy knowing that no matter what it is, that you spend more time “doing” than not.  Stay busy and stay happy!  Go create your adventure!

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