What Is The Best Thing About Blogging?

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People often have questions about blogs and want to know what all of the hype is about! For those not familiar with blogging it can seem like this very vague, “imaginary” world, somewhere sprinkled across the Internet.  Blogging although on the internet, is something that can take many forms.  When you are scrolling through the Facebook newsfeed, searching Google for recipes, or staring at Instagram you are most likely going to trip over a blog and not even know it!

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Blogs take on many different forms.  Some are directly devoted to photos only for example, and may have a few captions here and there.  A good example of this is a travel blog for instance.  You might be looking to travel to Paris and so you Google places in Paris!  You see some pictures that come up and decide to click on the link to see more.  You didn’t know it, but you now have landed on someone’s very own photo blog and or travel blog.  Here they are sharing photos that they took while on their trip to Paris.  You sit and look in awe and decide that you and your spouse want to book a trip immediately because the photos are breathtaking!  Congratulations, you now not only have a romantic get away, but you also just supported your very first blog!  Or maybe it is your 100th blog depending on how many you were on before you realized it was a blog.  That’s okay, stay with me!

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So what is the best thing about blogging?  The best part is that you can create whatever you want!  You can start from scratch!  You can actually turn it into a business or use it to grow an already existing business.  People love looking at photos, videos, or reading something interesting.  People enjoy learning new information especially when it is information that they are already seeking out themselves, versus having it being pushed in their face.

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If you are thinking about a blog I want you to think even further.  Think about how many different things that you could read about on a blog or blog about yourself.  Think about having no limits and exploring creativity.  The best thing about doing something creative is that it allows you to grow your ability to think.  It allows you to build depth within your character and to evolve beyond the average human being.  If you are into reading blogs or learning about them then explore all that you can find!  Read, read a little more, and then read some more!  The fact that you read or even watch informative videos throughout different blogs is interesting.  It shows that you are curious.  It shows that you do not know everything and want to discover new things.  So go out and discover something new!  You would be amazed at what you will stumble across without even knowing it!

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