Why You Should Start Blogging

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Many of you have sat around and toyed with the notion of starting a blog.  It has more than crossed your mind and you get excited at the thought of doing something creative.  The everyday life is just that for you, “everyday”, and you are looking for something a little more personal!

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Starting a blog is much like starting anything else that is new to you.  It is nerve racking at first.  It is something different and if you are someone who isn’t a writer by profession, you might think that you don’t have what it takes.  You might think that unless it is this huge success that it is a waste of time.  I have great news for you, it’s not a waste of time!

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As anything in life you choose what is important to you and you choose what to invest in.    A blog, just like anything else, is an investment.  It actually is a very affordable investment to get started with.  The nice thing about creating a blog or blogging in general is that it allows a wide range of opportunity and growth.  You can be the one who does it just for fun and for expression, or you could be the professional who grows a business that generates income full time!  Where you are on the spectrum depends not so much on natural ability, but rather more on how much time, effort, and even money you want to invest into it.

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How much do you like learning?  How much do you like writing or posting pictures if you have a photo blog?  How much do you like anything that you do for fun?  If a blog is going to be your thing, then all that matters is that it’s “your” thing!  Give it a shot, play around with it for a while.  Most blog sties offer a completely free version to just get the ball rolling.  As you grow with your skill and knowledge, you can pay to upgrade for more features without having to change anything, or without losing any progress that you have made!  You can blog about practically anything!  What do you have to lose?

Good luck!

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