Reading Could Be The Solution To All Of Your Problems

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Reading is a lost art, at least in the traditional sense.  I would know!  Until recently it usually has been years since I had picked up a regular book to read for the sake of reading alone.  If it wasn’t a text book for school, or my Bible here and there, the only time I was reading was online.  Mainly the Facebook newsfeed and blog posts were the only sort of reading I ever did.  That all changed within the last few months.

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I’ll never forget watching Tai Lopez being interviewed on Impact Theory.  I remember seeing his videos with cars and his house and how he would pitch his “how to program” to learn gain success like he did.  I remember his older videos I would dismiss because I like many, thought they were scams.  I’ll never forget watching impact theory and how my outlook on Tai’s videos as well as others would change forever.

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I remember him talking about how and why he would make his videos the way he did.  On Impact Theory he would say that he showed the cars as a reward in order to appeal to his target audience.  His audience being young people wanting to become entrepreneurs and successful people.  He said he would show the cars as the reward, and then he would show is personal library of books as the tools to gain the reward.

Tai mentioned that he was pretty sure that he had more kids reading books than anyone else because of how he linked the two.  I’ll never forget that.  Here is the link to check out the video for yourself.  Watch Here.  I can’t remember where exactly he did say that in the video though, but I believe the whole video is worth watching anyway if you want to learn something.

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Anymore I read often.  The books I read are actually the books written by the same entrepreneurs I follow on social media.  Some of which are the same ones who’s videos I used to not watch.  My whole mindset and perspective has changed.  I have mentioned before the “growth mindset” as better outlined by Carol Dweck’s book titled Mindset, and how applying it to life changes everything.  I no longer look at these videos as scams or ways just to sell a product such as a book.

I look at the product’s as tools to learn and grow my own success.  I look at the videos as ways to find new opportunities to learn.  That has changed everything.  If I didn’t change my mindset, I would have never taken advantage of the opportunities to learn how to be successful from the very same people that have already achieved that success!  Now I “invest” in their books, and for some, their programs.  You never know where you will find the answers you are looking for, and you most certainly will never learn anything new until you try and take some risk.  What do you have to lose?



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