If You Feel Alone Because You Are Different Then You Are Not Alone

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Being different is challenging in a world where norms take place everywhere.  You need to specialize but you also need to be like everyone else.  Specializing in a job that most people have already done is one thing but creating something new or being different is really hard.  Finding the motivation to try new things isn’t any easier when most likely you will be venturing alone.

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Do you ever see people that work together?  Best friends that grow together and made their dreams come true?  Have you ever known of a “power couple” that created a great business, or did something really cool?  It is a lot easier tackling life and its many challenges when you don’t have to do it by yourself.  It is most certainly a lot easier pursuing your dreams when you are not the only one trying to figure things out, and certainly not the only one crazy enough to think and go bigger!

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One thing I wish is that I had people close to me with similar dreams.  Sure I know of people online or digitally, that’s the norm nowadays.  You watch videos, you have digital mentors, but having a friend by your side to risk with you and to help guide your belief is hard to come by sometimes.  I have friends that have similar interests as myself but they are mainly focused on their careers or have found some sort of pathing occupying their time.  I get it they are just “busy” like everyone else.  Me I’m still figuring it out.  I’m lost out here but I’m also finding my way at the same time if that makes any sort of sense.  I guess what I am saying is that sometimes the road gets lonely.  I know that is normal and most dreamers or enthusiasts of any sort do things alone.  I know I enjoy time to myself to do my hobbies or interests but when you go from being an enthusiast to trying to become a professional it is a lot harder to want to do things alone.  You can only talk yourself up and dust yourself off so many times before eventually you want to give up.  Don’t worry I’ll never give up, I don’t think that is even possible.  I’m in too deep now with everything.  I’ve formed a whole new identity practice just with this blog alone.

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If you are someone feeling alone or feeling like no one else sees the world like you do, try and be patient.  Take a deep breath.  You are most likely not alone or if you are it will be temporary.  We all can find not only our “thing” but the people that also get our “thing” and why we are so crazy and passionate about it.  You will find help along the way you just have to keep your eyes open.  Get creative and push yourself while you are alone.

I plan on making videos soon as I mentioned but I’m a little nervous.  I can be very extroverted and outgoing but I used to be way more private than I am now.  It is a little challenging but I feel I will get there with time and practice much like anything else.  I want you to keep doing your thing and not to give up.  It will all pay off in the end.  If you are like me you are probably closer to success in many areas than you might realize.  One day you will wake up and go, “well that was fast!”  So just hang on.  Remember, I’m right there with ya.

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