Pushing Your Comfort Zone To It’s Limit

Growing is a part of life and is a necessary way of living.  We don’t reach our potential by playing it safe.  In order to develop ourselves into people that do things differently which leads to success, we must be able to break through our comfort zone.  Doing what we already know over and over again will not always get us to wear we need to be.  Even if what you are doing has lead to success you will never grow beyond that achievement until you do something different.  You need to be willing and able to offer something more!

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So what are some ways you can achieve growth?  For starters you can start adding things to the craft or job you are already doing.  For example, I will be making videos in the future to add to the blog.  In a separate section I want to be able to offer a different form of content for my audience.  I also think this will help because sometimes it is faster and easier to make a valuable video clip than it is to write an entire blog post.  Things come to mind quickly and it is easier and faster to get my thoughts out in a video and upload it.  That way the idea isn’t lost in the back of my mind forever.  The reason I created this blog with my name is because I wanted to create diverse content in the future and be able to grow the blog in different directions as I grow.  Although a specific niche is great for a consistent following, for me I  think it would get boring.  I think I have more to offer.

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Pushing the limits of your comfort zone can start within any situation!  You want to ask someone out but are afraid to, push your comfort zone and do it anyway.  You want to send a text but are nervous that someone might not feel the same, give it a shot!  Ask for a raise if you feel it is necessary.  Talk about your feelings with someone to clear the air.  Change your outfit if you are bored with your style.  Create something new from scratch whether it is a success or failure.  Successful people talk about their failures and how they were roadmaps to their success all the time!  Life is short and I will always say and write about that concept.  I can’t say it enough.  Looking back on my life even at the age of 26 I can tell you there are many things I wish I would have had the courage to do.  I can also tell you that within the last few years there are things I almost didn’t do but found the courage to do anyway.  There are people that I really care for that know how I feel about them.  There were jobs I ended up hating and no longer work at.  This blog does exist.  I “am” learning about stocks and how to trade.  Things “are” different then they were before.  I “am” growing!

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Most great things start out small and grow into something great!  We all were small once.  We all had small abilities because we were too young or too afraid, but we can break through that.  We have what it takes to go in a different direction.  We have abilities that people don’t know about or underestimate.  We have a soul, we have beliefs, we have a vision!  Don’t forget the power that is within your heart.  You have everything you need.  You must choose to believe!

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