Where Does Hope Come From?

Choose To Believe
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So I was looking for some ideas to write about and decided to reach out to some of my friends through SnapChat.  One friend who I would work out with from time to time, Tyler, mentioned the topic of “where does hope come from”.  I thought this was a great idea and so here we are!

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So where do I think hope comes from?  Well, I think it all depends.  For some people hope may come from religion and religious practices.  I myself am a Christian and I think that a lot of my hope comes from my belief in God.  No matter what religion you believe in or if you do not believe in any at all, your belief in “something”, is in fact what gives you hope!

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When you believe in something strongly you see something that many other people do not.  Take for example your vision for your future and for your success and achieving your goals.  What you want out of life stays alive because you believe in your vision.  Because you believe in your vision you continue to have “hope” for that future and for that vision to come true.  Holding onto this for not only a moment, but a lifetime I think, can literally be the difference of life and death.  What I mean is for those that struggle to the point of feeling completely broken to where they are even contemplating suicide, can survive by having belief in something greater than themselves.  I feel most of us survive this world and this life because we believe we have something to live for.  That creates hope!

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Whether you “hope” for love, or you “hope” for a better job, the idea that you have hope is very powerful.  You can literally hope for anything until you find a way to a better circumstance.  Now do I think in life you can rely on hope alone for everything?  Well no, most things will eventually require action, but I do think that for long term things hope is what can keep you patient while you wait.  Finding the love of your life takes time and patience for many.  You can choose to hold on to the hope while in the process of finding that true love when it is time.  I feel like for any longterm goal hope is a necessity.  It is what keeps you going through the ups and downs that life throws at you.  Even when you lose hope you can find ways of gaining it back!  Hope is infinite!  It has great power for those who choose to hold onto it.  So right now my message to you is, if you are losing hope do not worry that is a normal feeling.  You should however, continue to have hope and to hold on it because the longer you do, eventually, things will get better.  You must take action though in the process.  In some cases after doing everything you can you have to wait, but in others it can be a matter of doing something instead of nothing.  You have to try and decide on when to act, and when to wait.

Always find ways to have hope.  If you have to pray, get a hug from someone, write down your goals, listen to music, whatever it is you must always have hope.  Without it I don’t believe that this life will be able to show you all of it’s beauty until you do.

Good luck, keep believing, and always find hope!  Never give up!

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