As You Start Taking Steps Your Dreams Become Bigger

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Amazing things can happen when you start believing in yourself.  As you grow your confidence you start to take action and begin moving forward into building your dreams.  As you begin to get comfortable with trying new things and making actual change your dreams begin to get bigger and bigger.

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It is funny how your mental and emotional energy can translate into the world and into your dreams.  As you grow mentally and emotionally, so do your dreams and actions.  Once you start it becomes a chain reaction as you begin building yourself up piece by piece.  The most difficult part is getting started that is for certain, but once you do, you get to the point where you realize that you are on the right path.  Once you have the foundation in place every little piece you add creates a big difference.  The more little pieces you add the larger everything grows until one day you wake up and are in aw at what you have built!

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Building anything grand usually takes time.  You have to remember that when growing yourself and trying to change your life.  Everything won’t happen over night, but you will begin to see progress if you don’t give up and continue adding piece by piece until the bigger picture forms.  I have learned over time that with anything you might not know exactly where you are going or what you are capable of until one day it just happens, and you can finally see things for what they are.  I’ll never forget when I worked at the hospital.  The person training me and someone who I loved to work with, Ben, as well as my boss, would tell me that one day everything would click.  Although the hospital seemed so big eventually I would see the whole thing for what it was and would know exactly where I was, and what way I would have to go in order to find where I was going.  As a patient transporter knowing where everything was in the entire hospital was very important.  I look back now and think to myself; if I can learn the layout of an entire hospital and “see the bigger picture over time”, then I can apply that same concept to anything I want to learn and build in my life.  Even this blog I went into blind and am still learning but I’m starting to see the bigger picture!

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Your story at first will look like this.  It will seem blank and empty.  With time and effort though you will begin to create something.  Think about this blog for example.  I started it a few months back.  So far it says that I have written an total of around 77,000 words, and I believe this post will be #127.  There are many other bloggers that have written way more and have even more posts published and a greater word count, but as you can see, my point is that a little goes a long way!  Say instead of words, your dream consisted of steps.  Do you know how many miles I would have gone if each word was a physical step?  That would be around 14.5 miles.  Imagine how far I will have gone in the next year.  Again the point is, a little goes a long way.  Even if you wanted to write a book and wrote only one page, much like this post per day, you would have a 365 page book.  With a good editor and publisher, who knows you might have an amazing novel.  At the very least you would have something creative to call your own.  You don’t have to do everything over night but you do have to start today.  Don’t wait.  Life is too short.  Keep believing!

Good luck!

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