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So lately I have been reading the book Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk.  As you can imagine for those of you who know and follow him, it has got me pretty motivated.  At the very least it has got me thinking about branding.  When creating content, much like this blog, finding ways in which to go with it can be hard to imagine at first.  Many of us just getting started are usually just grateful we made it passed WordPress or whatever platform we used to create a functioning website or blog.  As many of us soon find out though, is that once we get the basics down and begin to get more comfortable, we start thinking to ourselves, “what is the next step?”.

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One thing the book got me thinking about was clothing brands.  I remember thinking before that it would be cool to make my own brand to share with friends and family.  Why didn’t I do that you ask?  Well, I think that the reason was just like with almost not creating the blog was that I was afraid or had no idea where to start.  Okay that is a lie, I know that you can easily get images put on shirts from companies or even do it yourself, but the thought came and went much like many others.  Now however, I have been thinking about it more.  When it comes to a blog, website, brand or whatever, why stop there?  Why not go further and begin exploring and experimenting with other outlets!  We are creative if we have made one thing, so why not grow our creativity by learning new skills along the way and at the same time continue learning to perfect the one’s we already have learned!

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Many of us know that it is a lot easier to do something new when someone we already know is yanking our arm in that direction.  It is a lot different when that person attempting to pull you, is yourself.  Growing your own motivation and confidence is a constant trial and error.  The more you do, the less time you waste because you are learning what to do or what not to do, which both are highly valuable.  Both are most certainly better than doing nothing at all and constantly “thinking”, about what you “want” to do.

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You may be young, you may be old!  You may fall right in the middle.  Either way you have to utilize the time, knowledge and experience that you have to gain more.  You have to move and not waste anymore time because if you don’t, eventually, you will not be able to move at all.  We all grow old and at some point we are all going to look back on our lives and ask ourselves what in the hell we did, or even worse, why were we too afraid “to try”.  So my question to you right now is, what are you going to do right now?  When are you going to stop being afraid and forming the new habit of success and growth?

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