Struggling To Sleep Because There Is So Much On Your Mind

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Struggling to sleep at night is something no one wants to deal with.  I never thought that it would be a challenge I would face but the fact is now, it’s real.  Having so many things on your mind at once and being so over stimulated with modern technology and social media, it can be hard to get a good full night’s rest.  I know all of the things I need to do but doing them is what is the challenge.  I know bright lights inhibit melatonin.  I know that I can change my settings to change the light so that it has warmer tones.  I know I shouldn’t look at my phone and be in my dark room for a good half hour to an hour just so my body can adjust and relax.  Even with all of that being said sleeping well, is difficult especially if you are suffering even from a temporary form of anxiety.

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If it isn’t money or happiness, its a relationship or an ex.  Its maybe wanting love or trying to figure out if what you already have, is love!  Managing friendships, juggling dreams, you name it and it can weigh on you at night just when you need to rest and let go.  Using different tools to help are affective, but sometimes even those can be hard because you also need human connection.  The main reason I know I struggle to sleep is because I’m lacking human interaction in the form of deep intimacy and having that human connection with someone special.  We think we don’t need it but it is in fact what are bodies and our minds desperetly yearn for.

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Many of us have been there where we were laying next to someone we love.  You get close, you cuddle, and you can just feel the stress and anxiety melting off of your bones.  It literally drips to the floor and disappears.  Nothing else matters because you know if you have that one person, that moment of peace, nothing else matters!

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Getting through that “alone” feeling, fighting the stress and over stimulation, even just keeping your head up are all things that will effect your sleep.  You just have to hold on and keep hoping for the best.  You have to tell yourself that the pain you are experiencing now is just you earning the right to be at peace down the road.  You have to pay your dues in order to reap the reward with anything in life.  Some of us are just meant to be on a different path right now and that’s okay.

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Tonight I want you to clear your mind.  I want you to let go and try and look forward to the new day ahead.  Anymore I just can’t wait for the new day to start because I don’t enjoy sleeping anymore, at least not like I used to.  I need to focus on allergies, or maybe even get a air purifier, but I haven’t done that yet.  Like many I get into my bad habits of not making certain changes that I know would go a long way.  I need to break my habits and do whatever I can to get better sleep.  Some nights are better than others especially when I drink a lot of water (gallon-2 gallons per day), literally, because it helps to combat the sodium in my diet and to help hydrate my muscles after working out everyday.  Yes I need to change my diet I know, the struggle is real!

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I hope that we can all clear our minds and get back to where we need to be.  Tomorrow is a new day and we all have so much to offer.  We can all give our best if we just keep our heads straight.  Stay positive and know that every new day is another chance to start fresh and make something great happen.  Good luck tonight, and good luck tomorrow.  Sweet dreams!

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