So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur

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So you have thinking about it for a long time now and you have finally decided that you want to be an entrepreneur.  Congratulations!  I’m sure you are very excited at the fact you think you have what it takes, and I’m sure right now you have a lot of excitement!  It can feel amazing having a new idea especially one that you feel will completely change your life for the better!  There is however one problem.  Can you guess what it is?  It is actually one question that you can ask yourself right now?  I believe you want to be an entrepreneur.  My question to you is, how are you going to accomplish that?

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About three months ago I quit my job.  I had some money saved from my tax return and I didn’t have a real plan.  I wasn’t happy at my job, I was miserable.  Before that job I had always spent around two to three years at a job while going to school.  When I was younger as a college freshman I had all of this excitement and vision that involved my life coming together perfectly and having everything I ever dreamed of.  You want to know what happened?  None of it came true.

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When I first started college I set out to be a Mechanical Engineering major at Cleveland State University in 2010.  I had to pick a major and I always loved cars.  In my mind it seemed like it all made sense.  Pick a major that aligns with your passion so that you can utilize your education as a tool to make your passion become your career!  Sounds good, looks good on paper!  However, was it really though?  Was it really a good idea?

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The answer to that question is no!  I made the wrong choice for a major.  I was not equipped to handle the curriculum required to be a Mechanical Engineering major, or any engineering major for that matter.  I was already struggling with math and science in high school much less college.  So why did I do it?  Well to be honest, I think it is because I wanted to believe!  I wanted to believe that my vision and my future was going to be strong enough to align with my present.  I thought somehow I would know how to get through it or that help would come.  It didn’t.  In fact if anything I hid from everything including my problems.  Between failing and commuting 45 minutes to an hour one way, I was burned out immediately.  I had no idea what I was doing.

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Fast forward a bit and two years later I ended up going to Cuyahoga Community College also known as Tri-C.  There I was taking some business courses because my ex was doing the same at the time.  It hated them as well, mainly the math, and wasn’t sure what to do.    She had an idea that I just get a general associate of arts because of all of my credits that transferred so that is what I did.  I eventually took a year off then went back to Cleveland State for Psychology.  I’m still in the major and close to finishing but the problem is, I’m not finishing.  In fact last semester I don’t think I passed any of my courses and before that I took Statistics twice and didn’t pass.  The problem is?  Well, my heart just isn’t in it anymore.  At least, not so much for college.  Then again I don’t really think it ever was.  Well, maybe the psych courses, I still would love to become a Psychologist, at least to use as a tool down the road.

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So back to the drawing board.  I have been taking a break from school and trying to figure things out.  I quit my job and am going to have to figure out something.  I have looked at jobs a little bit recently, but haven’t been for the past three and a half months.  I have been focusing on trading stocks during the week, which isn’t as lucrative as you might think as a beginner, writing the blog, and occasionally doing some side work.  I got an LLC but still need to set up a business account with the bank and then draw up some business if I want to continue to detail cars at least on the side.  I also would like to DJ more and get more into it but finding the passion sometimes for any of it can be hard.  If you are wondering why I created the LLC, it is because down the road I feel it will be usual if I want to start an organization or combine all of my passions and any income from them into one thing.  I know it might not make sense right now and thats okay, I’m still in “the process”.

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So again you want to be an entrepreneur?  Well guess what, it’s hard!  Yepp, hate to break it to you.  I’m trying to learn from my mistakes, I’m reading more than ever the books created by my favorite entrepreneurs that I follow on social media.  I’m also just trying to stay positive and motivated.  I wasn’t really planning for it to all happen this way but I wasn’t enjoying my job even though it payed well, and the way things ended up as I was leaving I think my boss was ready for me to go anyways.  When your heart isn’t in something it will most likely effect your performance.

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Look don’t get me wrong here I’m not saying give up on your dreams, I’m just trying to be real!  One thing I have learned in regards to creating content is that people want what they can relate to.  People want real!  Well guess what?  This is real, this is me!  It isn’t pretty and ironically that is the beauty in it.  This to be honest is probably one of the best posts I have written thus far and it is also very healing.  I’m able to get everything out and express everything that I am feeling, while at the same time letting you see that you are not alone.  We are in this together.  We are all shooting for the stars and falling and failing sometimes.  That’s okay!  We are learning!  I don’t want you to give on up becoming an entrepreneur or to give up on following your dreams.  I just want you to know that it is harder than it looks but it will most certainly be worth it.  So yeah, I might have to go get a regular job again for now, but that isn’t the end of the world!  That isn’t the end of the dream, the path, or the vision!  If anything it is only the beginning.  I believe in myself and I believe in you too.  We will find our way as long as we refuse to give up.  At the end of the day at least we had the courage to take some risk and see what we are made of.  At least we won’t be the ones living in regret for not having the strength and the will to try!  At least we believe!

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