Finding The Beauty Within Everything

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Along your journey you will hit your fair share of bumps.  We all experience that.  It is frustrating when you try to build momentum and just when you feel like you are gaining speed, you hit another speed bump.  The hard part is finding the beauty in everything.  Every moment that we have we can turn into something wonderful if only we choose to let it.

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The problems we face usually present themselves when we expect our lives to go a certain way.  Things begin to get even more frustrating when we not only expect a certain life, but get upset when it doesn’t go our way, knowing well that we didn’t do anything special in order to create a special outcome.  One of the hardest things to do is to look in the mirror and realize how hard you “didn’t” work.  Believing in something is wonderful but if you don’t take action your dreams will remain only dreams.  Trust me, I’m one of those people.  I’m still working on it.

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If we begin to take responsibility we can find the beauty within everything around us.  We can know that we have a great life and that is doesn’t come free.  We can realize that wanting something is the first step, but working for it is the next.  The process of becoming more aware of everything as well as appreciating the process, is a huge learning curve.  It takes wisdom to look and reflect on life here and there and ask not only what we want, but also what we are deserving of.  If someone else is willing to work twice as hard as we are for the same goal or dream, do we deserve it just as much?  If not what can we do about that?  How can we become more disciplined and work harder to achieve our potential and to earn our goals?

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Even in our current struggles we have great opportunity.  For one we have opportunity to look at our situations in a positive way, and two we have the time to make a difference.  We can look at our lives and readjust at any given moment.  We can read, learn, and become more aware than we were, even seconds ago.  It is all possible.  We must first believe and then we must also begin to walk in the direction in which we believe we should go.  Then we must keep going!

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