Where I Was On 9/11

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I remember exactly where I was on September 11, 2001.  I was in fourth grade.  I was probably around nine years old.  The first thing I remember was sitting in my chair at school.  I remember having TV’s mounted in the upper right hand corners of our classroom.  There seemed to have been some alertness within the environment.  Our teacher as well as others appeared to have a sense of concern or urgency.  I remember my teacher turning on the TV to show the news.  I remember seeing the towers and the fact that some sort of incident had occurred.

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The last thing I remember is getting home from school and still not really knowing what was going on.  I saw that my mom had the same news story on TV and she was starting to cry.  I didn’t really realize why she was crying.  I mean news stories have touched her heart before but I never really saw it happen quite like this.  She told me that the towers in New York were hit by planes.  She said they were attacked.  At that age I didn’t really take in everything right away.  I understood what was going on but much like everyone else I was in shock and sort of confused.

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I am 26 now and soon will be 27.  That day may not feel like it was yesterday, but yet it still doesn’t seem like it was much further from yesterday.  I vaguely remember talking about it in school and going over what had happened.  I do remember somewhat things beginning to change and our teachers working to not only explain to us what had happened, but to also reassure us of the present moment, and our safety moving forward.  I think the biggest thing that sort of stood out to me even at a young age was that you never know what is going to happen in life.  You never know when your safety or reality can change in an instant.

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