Motivation Isn’t Impossible

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Motivating yourself isn’t as hard as you might think.  Sure some days are rough but they don’t have to be your everyday life.  We are all struggling to figure things out and at the same time trying to enjoy it in some crazy way.  The fact is the challenge most of the time isn’t figuring out what to do but in fact figuring out how to condition yourself out of fear and into action!

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Everyone has their own particular set of skills or strengths.  They are what make you “you”!  Some things come easy to us but most people struggle to turn their skills or interests into something they can live off of or at least grow to their potential.  Most people work for someone else and most people don’t really do what they are passionate about for a living.  Usually something passionate seems like more of a part time thing or hobby.  The problem is those of us that are in that situation really probably wish we had more time to do “our thing”!

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The struggle is finding ways to prioritize “our thing”, versus having our jobs or life be the main priority.  Now I’m not saying neglect family responsibilities, but rather making time for everything especially your dream by putting it first.  This is where taking action comes into play.  Putting it first can be making every other responsibility around your interest more efficient, so that you have time to work on it.  Anyway you can become more efficient is going to help you to utilize the time you have in the day to the fullest.  Even if it involves getting up earlier, or investing in a babysitter here and there to give you some time to work or enjoy what you do, it is going to help.

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Motivation is something we all can find.  A lot of us have it and don’t even realize it.  You think you don’t have motivation because you struggle to act or to move, but somehow your think about what you want to do all of the time.  At least in your mind you are prioritizing it which shows that it is important to you.  The problem that you most likely are facing, and many of us are, is taking physical action due to personal fear or self doubt.  We seem to get overwhelmed by adding something new to our lives that either isn’t a mundane chore, or something everyone else does with their spare time.  The key is to realize that as an individual you have your own gift and talent with something you want to focus on.  If you never make time for it, it most likely will never come true.

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I know it gets scary.  Finding your way in life or reaching your potential can be challenging. I mean with the way we are all more connected digitally anymore it can almost feel like we are judged that much more.  It doesn’t have to be that way though.  We have to adjust the way we look at everything and realize that we are who we are and we need to embrace our strengths and interests.  What makes you different is probably the one thing you were meant to do in this world anyway.  So make time for your hobbies or interests and try and make the most of this life.  Enjoy it as much as you can.  Find ways to remain grateful for life itself.


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