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Sunday night planning can lead to a really great Monday start!  Mondays are so terrible for many people because you feel like you go from no work at all on the weekend, to be being completely behind and having to catch up all in one day.  Mondays are the beginning of the week, yes, but they don’t have to be the end of the world.  Monday can start out smooth with a little preparation on Sunday.  The littlest things that take a small amount of time can be a huge advantage come Monday morning.

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The first and probably one of the most important things you can do to notice a change is taking your work uniform or outfit you plan on wearing, and laying it all out the night before.  This can reduce a tremendous amount of stress because it is one very important thing you will have automated for the morning.  Nothing is worse than scrambling to either find your uniform, or having to rush to throw something together that looks presentable and gets the job done.

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For some of us eating in the morning might not be apart of our normal routine despite the many benefits.  If you are someone that doesn’t do well without eating breakfast than you should plan the night before what you are going to be eating for breakfast.  For one something you enjoy eating and that will give you a healthy start to the day is going to enhance your mental outlook upon the day before it even begins.  When you aren’t hungry you have eliminated one very large stressor from your day.  Even if other things don’t go well, at least you aren’t hungry on top of it.

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As you might imagine getting up on time usually helps with work and well, everything else in life.  If you are someone who struggles to get up your day can become a challenge because it snowballs.  First you don’t get up on time, next your late.  Now that you are late you don’t eat breakfast and now your hungry.  On top of that you might hit traffic and now life seems like it is just a mess and it is only Monday.  Things can go from good to bad real quick in just a little bit of time.  One way to help solve this problem is setting your phone or alarm clock far enough away to where you have to literally get up out of bed.  Another idea is if you do use your phone and have music on it, set the alarm to be one of your favorite energizing songs!  An annoying alarm is just that, “annoying”, but your favorite song can energize you and get your head is a good space to get moving.

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Last but not least organization finds its way from Sunday night into Monday morning.  You can add a nice outline to your day and week that well help keep your thoughts in line.  The more on paper, the less in your head.  This helps to alleviate stress in the form of trying to remember everything.  If your routine goes perfectly in the morning than you might not forget anything.  However, if one thing goes wrong and stresses you or throws everything else off, that mental list could disappear very quickly.  It is best to play it safe and make some notes.  Plus at the end of the day you can check everything that you have completed off the list and feel good about yourself.  If someone asks about your day you will be able to show them all that you have accomplished!

Now you enjoy your Sunday night and Monday morning that much more with these simple yet important ideas.  For the ideas that I didn’t mention, you can incorporate whatever works best for you.  Maybe you can even talk with a friend or co-worker and you can share your morning and weekly routines with each other.  With more ideas you can achieve success and reach your potential together!

Good luck!

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