Rise With Courage

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Waking up with courage is the first step.  You don’t know what the future holds but you do know what you want out of your future.  Let that be your guide.  Start the morning and the day off with what you believe in.  Close your eyes and envision your dream.  Think vividly down to every last detail.  Picture your future self over and over again and it will guide you.  Eventually you will be walking along the path that will take you where you need to go.

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Life has a way of working out if you reset yourself and your mindset.  Sometimes we have to work really hard and fail in order to be broken down to our core where we can start fresh.  Sometimes we have to go through pain and struggle in order to become what we are meant to be.  We have to learn the hard way because we simply have to learn!  If you are making mistakes you are learning.  If you are making the same mistake over and over again, start asking yourself why?  Make note of details and differences and start again!  We can build our dreams little by little and before we know it, can have everything right in front of us.

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Enjoying the process starts with your perception.  At any moment you can turn something into a positive and make it work for your own happiness.  You can choose how you look at work and how you look at the present moment.  If you want a way out you can begin working towards discovering something new.  You have more freedom and choice than you might realize.  Sometimes we can forget what we are capable of because we get caught up in our routine.  With life you will have times where you will have to look in the mirror and ask yourself the things that you want.  You will have to take a hard look and be honest with yourself.  So be honest and see what turns up.  You never know what you might discover that could put a smile on your face.  Go explore!

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