Your Future Is Only One Step Away

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We stop and ponder for a moment.  We think of what we want out of life and in that moment we begin to get excited.  We want to move forward but we are not sure how.  We envision our future but we don’t know how to get there.  So how do we get there?

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Where you are now in the present is well, where you are now.  Where you want to go however, is just one step in front of you.  Could that be true?  Well yes, yes it can.  You see your future is literally one step in front of you.  If you look and think one step ahead of you, that is the future.  If you take that one physical step to walk forward you have stepped into your future.  Everything that you want out of life begins with what you imagine and then becomes your reality once you start walking.  Once you take that first step you are already on your way.  You just have to keep walking and keep dreaming one step at a time.

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As you keep walking your confidence in your step will grow.  You will want to keep going and you should.  Your life is wonderful not just because of what has already happened, but it is because of what hasn’t happened yet.  Your imagination has a lot to bring to the table.  Your dreams and ideas are works of art just waiting to be painted.  You can take small steps that will add up over time.  You can gradually start showing the world the way in which you see it for yourself.  Your vision and perspective is different than others and that is why you should share it.

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Within your heart and mind are some incredible things.  You have many personal interests and ideas that the world needs to know about.  There are always going to be things in this world that need improvement.  It is your job to start working towards your goals and dreams in order to add more of a positive energy to your environment.  Could you imagine how happy and energized the world would feel if everyone was acting on their dreams and positively helping not only themselves, but others?  This world would be vibrating!  It is possible.  The more we all take action and enjoy doing more of what we love the more the rest of the world will catch on.  It has already happened with technology and information being shared across the globe.  We are all motivating each other in our own way and creating new inspiration and courage!  We just have to keep going and to keep “starting”.

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