Regaining Control Of Your Mind

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Your mind is going to change here and there.  Your thoughts grow and expand.  Some days you will be doing well and everything feels great, other days you will overanalyze and feel like the sky is falling even if it isn’t.  You have to regain control.  You have to step back and get a grip on things.  Life will be stressful and challenging at times, but sometimes it seems when things aren’t chaotic, that we become chaotic internally.  What do I mean by this?

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In many situations in life all we can really do is wait.  Wait until we wake up and start a new day.  Wait until some time goes by to see if anything changes.  In some cases you just have to be patient and do the one thing that is harder to do than anything else and that is, to do nothing!  In some cases especially if it involves people you will have to do the best you can, then sit tight and wait.  There are some things in life that can’t go any further or progress any faster by action.  If anything, it is your own inaction that will speed up the process sooner than later.  Now do you just have to sit around and physically wait and pause your life for other people or things?  No, you don’t!  You can get up and get moving and continue on with your life while you try and wait patiently.  That is the only way you will know what is truly meant to be with certain situations.

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You are in control of your own thoughts even when you feel like you are not.  Many times in life we feel pretty positive and then something happens that shifts everything around.  If you look closely enough you might find out that it is actually yourself that is shifting.  You are probably responsible for letting certain people or things affect your present moment.  No matter the reason, you can choose to regroup and get back to having a clear mindset and a peaceful life.  You can reset and understand how to let go of things as if you were in the moment before they ever happened.  You can find your way back to your best self.

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We have all been there.  A bad relationship or loved one, losing a job, whatever the case. We all have those feelings from time to time like we are off track.  We turn something small into something huge.  We overthink just when we might be closer to what we really want in the first place.  Don’t force it!  Don’t lose yourself trying to speed things up or get to the end result immediately.  Try and enjoy the process and enjoy learning how to catch yourself and fight against your triggers.  Learn from everything.  Find peace and just look forward to the next moment and day.  Take things as they were before your little crisis or event.  In the end the only thing that probably really changed was you.  So get back to “you”, and keep going!

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