You Deserve Never Having To Settle

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When it comes to love and it comes to you, you never have to settle.  You don’t have to wait if you don’t want to anymore.  You don’t have to settle for someone else.  You have the power of choice and at any moment you can change direction.  You can prioritize your needs and your well being.  Sometimes we start losing ourselves for others and we don’t realize it.  Sometimes we do things and feel things that we normally wouldn’t if we were alone or maybe with the right one.  We cannot force things and we have to have enough faith to take the journey alone in order to continue moving forward.

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When it comes to love, work, or just your general day, you don’t have to settle.  You can find ways and people to bring that excitement that you are longing for.  You can find that peace and happiness.  You can have that reason to jump out of bed!  You can have that reason to just smile and giggle.  You know that this life and your heart are deeply connected.  Nothing will tear you apart.

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The beauty of this life and the people in it is at the end of the day its your move.  You have choices to make and that is a wonderful gift.  You have the freedom to create positive change and live out your dreams.  You can find a way to get the things that make you happy and the people that ignite your soul.  Patience never hurts either.  Wake up, move forward, and see what the day and the world brings you.  Good luck!

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