You Were Born For Greatness

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You were born for greatness!  You were not put here to be pushed around by life.  You were meant to serve a purpose for the greater good.  You were chosen to help yourself and others.  You choose to do right, you choose to do good because you are strong.  You aren’t easily swayed by others.  You stay true to yourself and you stand up for what is right.  You are a leader!

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When you look forward you see a vision.  This life has greater meaning for you.  You want the bigger picture and you want to find what matters most.  You want to be apart of something greater because you know that this life is precious.  You know how fast time goes and you are willing to learn as much as possible.  Day in and day out you fight for your dreams and to make a statement.  You want to leave behind a legacy and inspire those that struggle to hold their head high.

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You are a leader.  You stand strong in your belief in this world and in the people within it.  You are ready for whatever happens next.  What life throws at you, you either catch, or break through.  You shatter evil and its pathetic opposition.  You are holy and you are loving.  You are meant to protect, serve, and create peace.  You are here for a reason.  You just have to believe!

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