What Would You Do If You Were Rich?

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What would you do if you were rich?  If you had wealth what would you do with your life?  Would being rich build you up, or destroy you within minutes?  Would you use it to help others, or would you indulge in your deepest sins until they take you underground? Money and wealth isn’t everything, but choice and opportunity to help others, and to change this world for the better is something to pay attention to.

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When I think of wealth I think of financial freedom.  I think of no limits.  If I want something regarding a hobby or interest, I don’t have to wait.  If someone is in need of financial assistance, say an emergency surgery, well I could fund them immediately.  I think of being able to travel wherever whenever at a moments notice.  I think of creating companies or businesses that help others.  I think of donating and random acts of kindness.

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Now do you need to be wealthy to do any of those things?  Well no, not really.  In fact I’m pretty sure everything I mentioned could be accomplished without being rich.  Even helping to pay for someone’s surgery could be done if you have some money saved or set aside.  So am I arguing against myself and my own statement?  No, not exactly.  What I am saying is that money isn’t everything, but financial freedom in the right hands can be extremely useful.    I want financial freedom because I want to not have to worry about finances.  I also don’t want to work a meaningless job just to scrape by either.

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So what would you do if you were rich?  Would you help someone else, or would you keep it all for yourself?  Would you use it to become healthier, or to binge?  Choice is everything.  It is important to remember the choices we make now without wealth, and to think of the choices we will make with it.  We have to be careful and responsible.  We owe it to ourselves, our loved ones, and to this world to give it our best.  We cannot serve without a clear mind, and without an honest heart.  So I guess if you are reading this and you have not achieved wealth just yet, maybe it is a good thing.  Maybe you and I are just not quite ready yet for its power.  Maybe in the mean time we still have a lot to learn, not just with how to acquire wealth, but also what we will do with it once we get it.  So like myself, try and be patient.  It will all come in due time.  Focus on learning with the time you have now.  Knowledge is priceless anyway.  You most certainly cannot be rich enough in knowledge.  So get to it!

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  1. I already have enough for my needs. I have a plan to free families from the cycle of poverty should I ever have the means to do so through finances, influence or political power.

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