Potential Builds From Within And Extends Outward

time lapse photography of waterfalls during sunset
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You can see your heaven.  You know what it looks like because you have painted it in your mind a thousand times.  The more you have gone over it the more vivid it started to become.  You didn’t realize when you were building and working that you were making progress.  You couldn’t see how the pieces were fitting together right on time.  You assumed that everything was random and that you were lost.  You expected to have a finite future in the palm of your hand, not knowing how limiting that life would actually be.  You begin to see now that everything around you is changing for the better.  You have stayed the course.

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When you believe in something long enough and hard enough, you keep going.  You stay the course because to you there is no other option.  That is the difference between you and most people.  Most people don’t stay the course, they don’t weather the storm.  The make a turn, or turn around completely.  They give up and they hope for your own safety and peace that you would consider doing the same.  Instead however, you choose to keep going.  You keep walking forward only this time you are all alone.  Everyone else gave up and turned back, and now you are on your own.  It was scary at first but now in the distance you begin to see what you were looking for.  You now know it exists and you only wish others could see.  You only wish that others kept going along with you so you can prove to them that it is real.

black and white mountain over yellow white and blue sky
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You have no other choice but to do what is best for you.  Once get to the top of the mountain you will be able to see more than before.  Your perspective and understanding will have the opportunity to grow and to change.  You will be able to evolve and reach your potential.  You wouldn’t be able to though if you didn’t keep going.  This life has many wonders and treasures but they are meant for only the few.  They are meant for those that are worthy and deserving.  That is why when you get to the top only you will claim what you have earned.  When you look around you, few if any will probably be there.  Although it might seem lonely, in the end it is worth it.  Now that you have reached the top and can see everything around you, the real journey begins.  Now you will go where you are needed and where you are able to help others.  It doesn’t matter who didn’t make it this far with you.  What matters is who you will meet along the way and who you will be able to impact.

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