Be True To Who You Are Even If The Road Gets Lonely

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Nobody wants to have to face challenges alone.  No one wants to give up on love or a good friendship that once meant so much to them.  It does happen though.  People and things fade away and you have to continue on without them at least for now.  You have a road to travel along and you don’t need anyone in order to keep moving forward.

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As human beings we naturally thrive in groups.  We survive when the load is distributed amongst few versus one.  Everything is so much easier with a group effort or at least one person you can count on.  That is why marriage and strong friendships can be so rewarding and important.  Without someone else its just you out there tackling the world by yourself, and the world is a pretty big place.

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Although it isn’t always the most comfortable feeling, being by yourself does not have to stop you from living the life you want and tackling your dreams.  One day at a time you can focus on yourself and build and grow into this world.  Others can always come along when you least expect it, but until then you probably have all you need.  You have you!

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When you are by yourself you can take the time to become more connected with the world versus other people.  Nature itself has a way of making alone time feel like you are connected to a greater energy.  Its almost as if you are a phone, and when you are alone with nature you are plugged into your surroundings and absorbing the energy in order to recharge.  It is very peaceful and almost healing.  With the proper mindset it can actually feel better at times then being surrounded by others.

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Being alone and remaining true to yourself is one of the best ways to discover yourself.  You really can have the chance to dig deep and find out who you really are, and what you are capable of.  You can learn to appreciate the little wonders of the world that we take for granted each day.  Aside from all of the stimulation, technology, and “stuff”, a natural world exists that was there all along.  We need to remember to reconnect with what is natural in order to harness our greatest strength and energy.  With doing that I think that you can discover a whole lot more that you might be missing.  Plus you never know, in the end someone might just pop up out of nowhere that has been exploring on their own too.  Only now, you both see the world in a similar way, and now can share a similar understanding of peace and true happiness.  You can share a similar appreciation.  You never know!

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