Late Night

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So its during the week and it’s starting to get a little late, but your still up.  This isn’t new for you.  Something keeps you awake and restless.  Even if you have work tomorrow something pulls at you.  You are searching for something.  Maybe you feel lost.  Maybe you are looking for your purpose or your path.  It can be frustrating feeling alone or uncertain.  Many of you don’t want to go to work tomorrow.  One reason you are still up is because you are trying to milk the little bit of time you have to yourself.  The only time you have to think or to plan a way out.  You know there is a better life or something more.

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As the night goes on you may feel as though nothing much has changed.  Would you believe me if I told you that the stagnant or wasted time feeling is normal?  Would you believe me if I told you I’m in the exact same boat?  Its funny because life is so fleeting and some of us are aware of it yet we can’t seem to expedite our purpose.  It is almost as if God or something is keeping us still.  It’s like we are supposed to just have those empty or plain moments to ourselves.  The night is just the night, and in that moment you are just you, nothing more, nothing less.  It’s finding a way to appreciate the moment regardless that is the challenge.  To be at peace, when no one is looking, and nothing is around you.

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If you are out there tonight wandering, or if you feel lost at sea, just know that it is okay.  It is apart of the process of life.  The unknowing and the uncertainty is the challenge of faith.  It is the challenge of trying to make something out of what appears to be nothing other than empty space and time.  There is more to the moment though then just peace and quiet.  There is strength and appreciation being built up.  There is understanding and wisdom developing.  You are growing in those quiet and still moments because it is in those moments where you are aware of the little things that you normally can’t see during the busy and chaotic day.  Those little things are what lay still and calm, much like you.  Day in and day out they remain strong in their presence.  No matter the weather or the traffic they exist and for a long time.  They last.

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