Where Some See An End Others Find A Beginning


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It’s your life!  You do what you want with it.  Your life, your path, your vision should be made up of everything that is you!  No one is going to bring to the table what you offer.  No one else is going to do it your way, with your style, and with your touch.  This life is about doing you, and doing it to the best of your ability!  Life should be fun, exciting, challenging, but rewarding!  Time and life is precious and in the moment you should be happy more often than not.  With life you should be doing what you want and what makes you the happiest!

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One thing I love more than anything else is electronic music.  It is something that just makes me feel like I am in a different world.  I love listening to music everyday at the gym, in the shower, or just at my computer in the morning when I’m sipping coffee and looking at stocks.  It keeps me going, and it keeps me feeling alive!  When I listen to deep house, trance, trap, or even just different forms of pop including electronic remixes, I feel like I have so much energy!  It makes me feel like I am invincible!  I love to day dream, and the best way I do that is by listening to music.  I put the music on, let it vibrate my bones and sink deep into the base of my mind.  From that point is becomes every part of me, it intertwines with my DNA and forms the “superhero” version of myself!  The only way I can describe it is like its is the movie The Matrix and it feels like you are being “jacked in”.  Once you are connected, you become limitless!

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So again what is your path?  What excites you and ignites your soul?  What is your thing, or “things”, that get you going in the morning?  This life is wonderful and there are so many places and things that don’t have paths yet.  They need to be formed.  Most people though, don’t make the time, or have the bravery or interest to forge new paths.  They don’t want it like you and I.  They don’t understand the beauty and excitement that lays beyond what we already know.  We all know what it is like to be stuck in traffic.  Do you ever look out beyond the highway and just see trees and empty land?  Do you ever stop and imagine being just beyond the traffic, being within that empty space as if you were the only one to break free?  I have too.  The truth is, if you can see beyond your current path, you can create a new one and go into a completely new direction with anything in life.

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Those that are willing to take the leap of faith, those that are willing to make the climb, will become those who eventually find their future.  They find the bliss and end up with the ability to see even more than anyone else could imagine.  At that point it really becomes just the beginning.  Its unfortunate but so many people in this life will never know what it feels like to break free.  They will never push beyond their limits and imagine a place, in order to build a map within their own minds.  They will never get out.  But that isn’t you is it?  I can tell you that it most certainly isn’t me!  We choose to believe!  We choose to imagine beyond and to break our confines.  We see a different path, and begin walking in that direction without roads or signs to guide us.  We don’t need them because for us, our path lays within.  We don’t just see it or feel it.  We believe in it!

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