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Sunday is the day of rest.  For many of us it is one of the few days during the week to either catch up on chores around the house, or to spend time with the family and friends at church!  Not everyone goes to church but there is something about the feeling you get when you walk in.  I used to go but haven’t been in a while.  Although I am a Christian its something I do not get to do as much as I’d like to, but then again I guess the choice is on me.


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For those of you who have never been in a church on Sunday, the feeling is like none other.  I like to think of it as a feeling of peace.  When you walk into a church especially if you already practice a particularly faith or religion, you immediately feel connected somehow.  There is an invisible energy that surrounds you and that makes you feel good.  I’ve watched videos online and have heard of people talking about energy and how it connects all of us to each other and to this world.  When you go into a church on Sunday the energy makes you feel like you are right where you belong.  For any of us that have that “lost” or overwhelming feeling with our lives, you know of the relief I speak of.  For those few hours or so everything melts away as you listen.  You have something to focus on and to learn from and all of the other worries seem to just fall off of your shoulders.

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I myself have only been to a Christian church as far as an actual service on a Sunday.  I am a non-denominational Christian and I like to learn mainly from my NIV Bible when I do practice, and to attend a non-denominational Christian service, or Bible church because it is where I feel most comfortable.  I’m grateful to say that the times I had gone to church I got out of it what I had hoped for.  I didn’t feel uncomfortable, judged, or out of place.  I’m not saying other churches or religions makes you feel this way, I’m just stating my personal experience.  It was nice.  There were some challenging times when I was in a relationship and church was something that always brought us together.  There is something to be said with how you can go from bringing tears to each other’s eyes in an argument, to both having tears while holding hands during a church service.  There are moments when answers come in the form of a pastor’s speech that seem to speak to you and your current struggle right when you need it most.  I guess although I am not at church right now this moment is my church.  The best part is not only am I connected with God, Christ, and the Holy spirt in this moment, but I am also connected with you.

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Whether you try church today or at another time, I want you to find your peace.  This life is hard to understand and its challenges are not for the faint of heart.  I have faith though, in myself, this world, and in you!  If you keep searching long and hard enough I believe we all will find what we are looking for.  Sometimes I think that we have had everything in front of us all along, but at the time we just couldn’t see it like we can now.  I guess that is apart of the process.  Either way, being able to see at all the greater picture in the end, is better than never getting the chance to see it at all.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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