Courage Comes During The Small Moments

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Have you ever just sat alone and thought about life?  Have you ever just taken the present moment in and attempted to figure out what is going on?  The moments you spend alone feeling lost and struggling to just form a smile are the moments that add up over time.  Even if throughout the entire day you only have a moment where you cracked a smile you have won!  It is in that moment that despite all of the challenges you faced throughout the day, mainly just keeping a clear head, you found peace at least once during that specific moment.  Because of that, you had a clear example of hope and a reason to keep moving forward.  You had proof!

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We all have felt this close to success.  We have tried different things and have gone in many directions just to wind up at the fork in the road.  The hardest part about the fork is that it isn’t up to fate or some planetary aligned energy.  No, it comes down to you and the one thing that will always be in your control, and that is choice!  Its easy to sit back when you have done everything you can to make it and have to wait to see how everything unfolds.  What is actually hard is the moments when you have to do something, you have to choose, to take action because if you don’t nothing will change.  That responsibility is on you and if you don’t choose to do something, nothing will ever change because of you.  That is a hard pill to swallow.

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My best advice is to make a choice and run with it.  The best feeling is when you randomly just take a shot at something instead of thinking about it like you normally do.  You know what happens when you just sit and think, but you don’t know what will happen if you actually do something about it.  Thats the best part!  It’s so exciting when you do something different especially when you have been wanting to for so long.  I believe that is the habit we all desperately need to form because once we get into it, everything new isn’t frightening anymore.  It all just becomes new!  Once you form the habit of taking the leap when you meet the fork, that fear doesn’t exist because you have replaced it with a specific action.  Instead of waiting, you just do it and find out what happens.  The more you practice that the faster you begin to figure out life because you will know one way or the other if something is meant for you or not.  Thats why I’m not afraid of dating or of falling back in love with someone.  I would rather leap with a smile, try, and see what happens sooner than later.  I already know what happens when I sit, think, and play it safe, which is nothing.  Nothing changes when I stand along the “metaphorical edge”, but what does change is when I leap and see what happens.  I would rather know than question and not change anything.  You can always look back and say “I tried” versus the many who sit and think about what they “wished” they would have tried.  You can’t regret something you have tried and given your best, but you can sleep at night more so than most knowing that you have left no stone unturned.

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