School Supplies and Getting Ready For the New School Year

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For every parent as the school year gets closer and closer its never to early to begin preparing.  You want your child to have a great start and to enjoy their education and with that, you want them to have everything that they need.  Starting school can be a very stressful time not only for kids, but for their parents too.  Being the parent you’d hope to be, can get complicated when it comes to not only knowing all of what your child needs, but also being able to afford it!

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If you are like most parents you probably have already been in Walmart by now and have seen the shelves packed with school supplies!  Folders, pencils, notebooks, colored pencils, you name it, and its already on the shelf for fall.  Although this can been exiting for your child, it is probably more stressful for you.  Sure schools provide a list of what your child should have  in order to “have a good school year”, but you, just like other parents, know how difficult it is not only to make sure you have everything on the list, but also having the money set aside to pay for it.  If you have multiple children one book bag, calculator,  and glue stick, can easily turn into three of each!

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If you have survived Walmart and have gotten all of your supplies for your little “learner”, you might think that it wasn’t so bad.  Then again, you probably haven’t had to pay for their books yet.  Oops!  Sorry for the reminder.  School supplies are one thing but books can get pretty expensive.  If thats not bad enough, paying for the chiropractor you will need to hire for your “little tikes” new formed scoliosis, was probably another item you and your bank account were not accounting for.  If your kid tips over at the bus stop, don’t panic, thats normal.  Your child is now practically an ant lifting about 3 times their body weight, so just smile and be proud of your little powerlifter.

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So now to the light at the end of the tunnel.  The truth is, you will be okay.  Sure it can be stressful, you want to do the best by your children.  As a parent you worked so hard to bring this little being into the world, that the thought of slipping when they need you most might be hard to bear.  The fact of the matter is as a parent when it comes to getting ready for school, no one has it all down.  Okay that is a lie, you know there is always that one mom that has their kids life down to a science, “literally” with a macro nutritional diet while you are still feeding your kids disease causing fast food because you have no time to cook, but thats okay!  The point is, do the best you can, your children love you and are just excited regardless.  This is a big year!  Try and go with the flow and just be there for your child.  At the end of the day holding your hand on their big day is the one school supply that simply, can’t be bought!

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