Using Our Mind To Create Worlds

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The mind is underestimated.  The mind has no limits.  We can think and imagine as deeply as we wish to go.  Life although amazing for what it is, is more amazing for what it isn’t.  It is more amazing for not what we perceive it to be, but for what we imagine that it could be.

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Getting lost in a day dream to some people is a complete waste of time.  If you are not constantly taking action, than what are you doing?  Then again, you cannot act without first knowing in which direction you want to go.  So you start to think, you envision, plan, and figure out your day.  Even at the very least you are coming up with an image in your mind.  You “imagine”, what your day could turn out to be, but technically there is no guarantee that it will go that way.  So is it just a coincidence that many things do turn out the way we imagine?

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Not everyone is going to be a deep thinker.  Not everyone is going to look at the world with a vision.  For those that choose to think deeply I feel that it is important to hold on to that ability.  I worry that many people who think and imagine over time get that skill beaten out of them.  They are not within the right environment to grow and develop and therefore their dreams, their vision, their imagination gets crushed by someone else’s inability to believe in something more.  That is the challenge with having parents who were raised in a different time or say maybe even within a harsher environment.  They don’t know any better and unfortunately their way of thinking can trickle down into their children.

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Watch movies, listen to music, look at the latest technology and news, you will see that people create worlds.  The mind is used every day to create incredible things that of which help people all over!  They make a difference!  You can be that next person to impact the world and to make a difference if you choose to continue to believe!

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This world is a beautiful place, but it could always be improved.  New worlds and environments can be created and a lot of things are in need of a newer perspective.  I know it can be challenging but it is worth it to work hard and find out what we are all capable of and meant for.  I mean just think of how powerful authors are, and how some of their “mental worlds”, have become movies, or ideas for invention and newer technology!  The sky is the limit, you just have to find a way to push it!

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