Friday Night Or Family Night?

Friday nights are fun for going out but they can also be perfect for staying in.  Although being out and experiencing the night is fun and exciting especially when you are young, things can change as you get older.  I think of a Friday night for many that consists of a good movie, maybe some pop corn, the love of your life, and well a few kids to go along with it.

As I get older I become more aware of my natural development.  I can feel myself yearning not for just love and a relationship, but kids and a family.  Although I’m not quite ready yet, I have the thoughts and feelings that depict the father version of myself.  I always picture having a daughter.  I think I would really want that.  I see some of our neighbors and their daughters and the bond between them is so amazing.  Our one neighbor’s daughter is adorable and so polite and sweet.  I picture having that one day.  I’m smiling right now to be honest just at the thought of it!

My life right now is at that, “what am I doing stage”.   I try to date but that has its ups and downs.  Its hard on whether to decide on being proactive or to be “still, as someone I know would say.  I’m 26 so I yearn for a family at times but also have my moments of wanting to be selfish.  I’m somewhere right in the middle and it can be challenging.

Fridays are great if you have plans or if you have nothing planned at all.  Staying in, and like I said, watching a movie, can be perfect.  If you are out and having a great time at a club or bar, or just anywhere out, thats great!  Have fun, live it up!  Apart of me almost wanted to go to my favorite club downtown just to get out.  I chose to stay home and well, I’m struggling.  I’m bored but not so much because I’m looking to party but more so because I feel alone.  Sure I like the peace and quiet because my parents aren’t home but I’m deeply longing for a movie night with someone special.  I guess I have had a taste of that here and there recently but I can’t seem to get enough of it!

The hard part is staying positive at times like these.  I have a great life and so many blessings, I guess I just wish I had someone to share them with.  I miss that so much.  Sure dating can be challenging but the highs are amazing and the littlest of things feel like winning the lottery.  The best part about having a girlfriend was having an excuse to be lazy.  We could literally be doing nothing and I was completely okay with that.  At that point all I wanted was to spend time with my best friend and I remember in those moments being the happiest man in the world!  I can’t wait to have that again.  Who knows, I might be closer than I realize.  I sure hope so!

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