Apple Stock Rises Again!

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Apple stock has risen once again! The company’s stock went up about seven dollars per share within a few days kicking off August! It is currently sitting around $207 which makes you wonder what Apple is going to do next!

Apple has had talk within the media about what is going to happen next. Everyone seems to think that Apple has something big planned for the future but no one knows what it is yet. Rumors go around that Apple is going to be leaning away from its traditional iPhone as far as its primary focus, and going more towards newer technology of the future. With the technology growing more and more with artificial intelligence and continued automation, the future seems to hold a very exciting and promising vision! It seems as though everything we have watched in movies growing up and have read about in our favorite science fiction novels is staring to come true!

As far as purchasing Apple stock one might ask is it a good buy at this point? To be honest I’m not sure. Although it is currently holding where it is at something could change. Now does that mean that it will spike over night? Well no, not necessarily. However, with all of the hype going around it is hard to be patient for the eager investor or Apple product fan.

Whatever happens in the future I think that there will be new paths formed that are going to not only help and benefit us, but keep our interest in exploration. The imagination behind new technology alone is enough to make you wonder what all of our potential is really capable of. It seems like as humans we are continuing to grow, learn, and push ourselves to discover and learn more than ever! I guess for some of us we will just have to wait and see what will happen next!

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