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The Bible has been around for a very long time.  There are many stories associated with it and the culture around it is exciting, yet almost terrifying at the same time.  Others look at it as a way out, a chance for freedom and salvation, others might look at it as a text filled with nothing but judgement, a collection of rights and wrongs that no one could possibly follow.  Then there are those that lay in the middle.  The ones who believe in doing their best.  They know areas where they can improve upon, and they know where there strengths might already be.  Whatever you believe in as long as you are not judging or hurting others, I think you might have more of an understanding of what this Holy text entails than you might think.

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I personally was raised with prayer first.  My mother was brought up with Catholicism as well as my father.  I cannot remember off hand which church my stepfather was brought up in, but his influence with the Bible itself plays a huge role in how I practice my faith today.  Now if you are still reading this and you are not a Christian, if you do not believe in any say, “traditional” faith or belief, that’s okay.  I’m not the “church lady” I promise you.  I’m a 26 year old young man clothed in sin and imperfection.  I’ve went from “purity” in some areas like sex, to well, not being proud of some of the choices I’ve made.  One thing I do keep in mind concerning my faith is what I think the largest part of the New Testament and of Christianity entails, and that is free will.  Having the ability to make our own choices good or bad.  That concept I don’t think people really consider when they think of religion especially Christianity.  If anything, I feel like many think that in order to believe you have to sacrifice much like in the Old Testament for your sins.  That really isn’t the case.  You see the whole beauty of Christ is the fact that “he”, sacrificed for us, to make it easier for us because he knew how challenging life was.  In return a belief in him as well as doing the best one can, would be enough to live a life of faith and to possess a soul worthy of return to Heaven.  That mind you, is my interpretation and what I believe in.  We are all different and we all interpret the text and the faith differently.  Again, that is the beauty of the greatest gift, again “free will”.

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Although I have my faith and my beliefs, I know people that interpret it all very differently.  I know of some people that are more disciplined with it than I am.  I made a joke to someone recently.  I said its funny as time went on, you found God and I found the Devil.  What I meant was is that I was more pure when I was younger and now it seems as if the person I was talking with was more pure than myself now.  It is funny how we change and grow throughout this life.  Just when you think you know yourself or your life, everything can change.  I think that is very normal and that is where discipline and belief all come into play.  One thing that is nice about the Bible is that there are so many different versions to make it more interesting and easier to understand and interpret.  This makes it an easy read especially for those who want to give it a shot but are afraid that they won’t be able to bear some of the more, “drawn out”, parts to say the least.  However with other versions it is more of like a normal story.  Much like anything else you would read.

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If you made it this far I want to thank you for reading this.  I’m actually trying really hard to get people to understand my perspective to maybe shed some light on the subject.  I feel it is my way of making a small difference.  If you are interested in learning more about religion or faith, if you want to see what the Bible is all about give it a shot.  Even if you don’t believe in anything there is nothing wrong with wanting to read a good story.  You never know, you might find within this faith something new to incorporate into your own. Good luck, and God bless.


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