Facebook Stock Selloff Good News Or Bad?

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So lately I have been hearing some word going around that Facebook stock is selling off.  This is very concerning for investors that have been comfortable and reliant upon Facebook to profit from.  As far as what is driving the sell off I am not entirely sure.  It seems as though with many big companies selloffs happen out of fear.  Many people buy and sell based upon news and other influences especially if they are not true traders themselves.  I would say those that can afford to spend the money and take risk might do so without knowing the ins and outs of their investments.

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Now much like any company could the stock price per share rise again, well I don’t see why not?  Now mind you I’m a rookie trader but my opinion, if I were to guess, is that many big companies just like Facebook will experience shifts such as this.  I feel as if it is normal.  Big companies especially if they are taking new leaps to push their brand and to better their futures, will most likely experience pull backs from their investors.  Many investors I would say scare easy.  It is understandable considerings many people invest large amounts of money within these companies.  Even if it is affordable to you no one wants to lose money especially when there are so many options out there to choose from.

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If Facebook is something you are interested in I would take a closer look at it.  Mind you this is my opinion.  Like I said I’m a rookie but from what I have seen based on Facebook’s history, it has had similar selloffs before.  I would say that it is just a matter of time before the company bounces back and if anything, grows!  Things take time and I don’t think it would be best to jump to conclusions.  Now could you pull out and buy back in a maybe at a more comfortable time, well sure.  However, with Facebook’s history I wouldn’t be surprised if it not only bounces back but ends up making new highs within the future.  I feel like the company much like the other big names will continue to be innovative in approaching the future, as well as all of the new technology that will come along with it.  Maybe patience is the key here?  If you are someone who has considered investing in Facebook you could look at the situation as a positive.  Buying at a lower price point could potentially yield a greater return in the future.  I guess we will all have to wait and see but none the less I’d say overall the circumstances are not only interesting, but if anything exciting!  Plus on the bright side, if you are a serious investor, there are many ways to consult with professionals on the situation.  Before trading anything, even if you are an investor yourself, you should always consult with professionals and learn from more experienced traders.  Nothing is promised or guaranteed but minimizing risk is something very attainable within the market, something I’m still learning myself!

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