Reducing Fear By Understanding The Self And Our Own Inner Mechanisms

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Fear and anxiety creep into our daily lives very naturally.  One moment you are calm and confident and the next you are shaken and confused.  Moments such as these seem to form patterns and can create an overall theme to our lives.  If we let them, the they can become our life even when it does not have to be.  We can accidentally cover up our potential and waste our life because we are not fully aware of what is working against us.  Our influences and inner voices can sometimes change who we are and not necessarily for the better.  We have to remember to take control again and continue to question if what we are getting out of ourselves and are lives is what is best for us.  We have to be ready and willing to change at a moments notice for the better so that we don’t waste precious time.

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Becoming more self aware is something I have had an interest in for a long time.  I was always very analytic and anymore I have been attempting to grow it from a weakness, into a strength.  I believe strongly that some of the greatest and most influential people that were in existence, were those that that thought and looked at the world differently.  When you become more self aware you are able to make changes faster than before or faster than others.  You can grow exponentially and utilize the amount of time you have on this earth because you are aware.  Sometimes it can be challenging because as human beings, much like myself, we can be very stubborn.  Even if we are aware that doesn’t mean that it will always be easy to change.

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Another positive to being more aware or more in-tuned with life and your surroundings is that you can do your best to help others.  Although there is a fine line between helping someone else, and influencing them based on opinion much like this blog or others, it can be necessary if you do it the right way.  If your heart is in the right place and you take time to step back or be respectful of other people and their differences and opinions, as well as feelings, I believe you can find middle grown to still make an impact in someone’s life, without overstepping your boundaries.  Again, it is challenging.  I think most of us love the idea of someone changing for the better because of us or because of what we tell them, or what we “think”, they should do.  We want others to utilize our “help” for the better.  It gives us a purpose which makes us feel good!

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At the end of the day although we want to help others we constantly must help ourselves first.  We have to know ourselves better than anyone else and no our strengths and weaknesses so that we can create a more positive influence on others.  If we are insecure or broken, or are suffering with something, our influence on someone else, even someone we are trying to help, can become very bias and self serving.  This is dangerous for someone potentially vulnerable and already going through a great battle or struggle.  It is not fair to them for us as a influencer or “helper”, to add more to that by being selfish because we have not yet dealt with our own issues or pain properly.  Its okay to have to work on yourself before attempting to help someone else.  In fact I would say including myself, that we all could do better with that in most cases.

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Whether you are trying to reduce your own fear or someone else’s, its best to take it all slowly.  Again a lot of times we need to look in the mirror first before suggesting others to do the same.  Life can be challenging and our own struggles are enough to keep us busy, much less trying to tackle the world’s problems, or those of whom we love.  I would say finding a balance just like with anything in life, is the more attainable and realistic goal.  We have to help each other and we can’t wait for ourselves sometimes to be completely “centered”, yet we also can’t rush into to helping someone else if in the end we end up making things worse, or hurting the ones we are trying to help in the first place.  I guess just like everything else in life, it is something to constantly work on in order to grow and progress for the greater good.

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