Friday’s Back Again TGIF

So it’s Friday!  Finally!  The weekend is almost here and you can’t possibly wait!  The week has been long and grueling to say the least and a small break is calling your name.  Well its about to be here so just hold on a little longer.

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So you are almost out the door, even if its not 5 o’clock yet, it sure feels like it should be.  Hopefully today has gone somewhat well, although for some I’m sure it feels like everything is on fire.  May we pay our respects to those having one hell of a day!  Hang in there though, you are almost there.

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So what’s the plan?  Are you going out, staying in?  Are you waiting until Saturday and are just resting tonight?  I think my friends are planning on going out for a birthday and if it wasn’t downtown I probably would just stay in.  Then again it is at one of my favorite places downtown and being out on a patio with some dance music bumping is something I personally live for!  Before you know it around here there will be snow and cold weather and usually seasonal insanity.  I’m just going to act like I live somewhere else at least for the night.

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Whether you will be outside tonight or in, finding a good spot to have fun with your friends or co-workers is always beneficial.  After working long and hard you need to let go of pent up frustration and allow yourself to get everything out of your system.  Like I always say life is short, so being able to regroup and experience some “pure joy” should be a priority.  That feeling of “living” or “feeling alive” is what life should be all about.  I mean if money weren’t the issue would you most likely be doing what you do 40 hours a week or more for say 30 years or more?  Think about it.  That’s a lot of life!  Sorry if you just spiraled into depression.  Moving forward!

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Maybe your Friday tonight is going to look something like this.  Fresh food and maybe enjoying a family dinner.  Spending your time with the ones you don’t probably get to see enough is just what you need after a long week.  Being with the ones that care about you and are there for you are what matters most anyways.  Everything else is just extra.  Prioritizing and having quality time with people you love mean a lot because again this life is short.  That child will grow, that loved one will age, and time will never stop.  So whatever it is you plan on doing this weekend, do what makes you happy.  Do what makes you smile.  Happy Friday!

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