Risk Is Necessary but How Much Is Too Much?

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Many of us have heard that you need to take some risks in life.  For most of us, doing something bold or something we may have regret is the norm.  For others, taking any chances at all might not even be a thought.  So where do you find that middle ground?

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When I mentioned to people that I wanted to trade stocks many people first use the one and only word.  Can you guess what it is?  Your right, its the word “risk!”  The first thing everyone told me or asked about was the amount of risk.  “I don’t know Mike, isn’t that pretty risky?”  “You better be careful.”  Get the idea?  Anyways other people didn’t really think too much, they were actually interested or gave me credit for my interest in the stock market.  One thing I have learned from experience is that you will have people that are all about the positive of something you set out to do, and others will be all about the negative side or risk involved.

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I always make the joke and this is by all means no disrespect or insult to the profession, but if I told someone I was going to be a “nurse”, the first response would most likely be a compliment.  There seems to be patterns.  You tell someone you want to be a nurse where I come from and people start saying immediately, “theres good money in that.”  “You only have to go to school for two years or so.”  “I hear they make like 60K a year.”  “Can’t go wrong with healthcare!”  You see where I’m getting at?

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Whether its becoming a nurse, or going into to a union trade, a lot of people will immediately support your decision and reinforce your decision with their positive  and two sense about it.  Even if they don’t know a damn thing about it.  Many people as you well know, only go off of what they hear.  What they hear over time, over and over again, becomes reinforced almost as if it was a stone etched cold hard “fact”, even if it isn’t!  This, mind you, depends upon where you live, the culture, your family, everything.  You can grow up in an area where everyone is a musician and if you are not, you “fail”.  Where I come from you want to be a musician, you are probably someone itching to “not” make money.  Not saying any of those outcomes are true, but again, you see where I’m going with this.  We have all been there or felt our dreams being shot down by society and the norms amongst our peers.

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So with risk how much is too much?  Say you want to step out of your comfort zone but you don’t want to throw your life away, how do you know?  Well, for starters is it going to hurt your physical health?  If no, I’d say not a bad idea.  Mind you I’m not thinking of active military for the sake of conversation so just stay with me.

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So its not dangerous to your health, do you enjoy it?  Yes, okay, will thats important.  You most likely will learn better when you are doing something you enjoy, learning is a part of getting better at something.  Can you make money at it?  You can, okay well thats not bad.  Money isn’t everything but if you want to make a career out of something full time, monetizing whatever you are passionate about is a step in the process.  It is “learning”.  Even if you can’t make money at something you just have to figure out how to manage your time to do both.  Does this “thing” you want to do harm anyone else?  No, okay great!  Does it do good for yourself and potentially others?  It does, awesome!  Way to give back to your community and world.  Most people don’t think like that.  If what you are trying to get into is something others may not approve of although it might be challenging, it will help you grow if you can push through the noise around you.

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Lately I am learning to trade stocks.  Am I up right now, well no.  I’m down like $23.  Not much but my goal is to consistently profit.  Even with just a 1K investment to start, just like anything else it takes practice.  Remember that conversation about, “well isn’t that risky?”  Well yes it is, but thats why you have to develop a system and discipline.  You have to go to work on time right?  Well with trading you have to develop a stop loss point, and cut your losses so that you don’t lose everything.  Live to trade another day so to speak.  Make sense?  You have to learn from people that know what they are dong just like on the job training.  That is why mentors help.  Especially digital ones like mine.  You have to know that the person knows what they are doing and that you can learn from them.  You have to take that risk too.  So far for me, its been worth it as well as the $300 one time investment.

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Whatever it is you do, like myself it is probably multiple things at once, you are going to have to have courage to keep going.  Even when you fail, or people try and talk you out of things, you have to know how to keep going.  You have to know yourself!  Its necessary as you get older because the more you become an individual, the more independent your beliefs and skills are going to be compared to others in your local circle.  That is why it helps to find a work environment, or group where you can thrive together.  There are places and people that think much like you do and want the same goals and positive change out of life.  You might feel alone now, but when you connect with the right people and are in the right environment, you will truly thrive.  So you will eventually have to ask yourself, is it all worth the risk?

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